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It's okay, we're obsessed too.

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Pride and Prejudice Anonymous
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Are you obsessed with Pride and Prejudice?

Ever find yourself exclaming, "No lace, I beg you"?

How about telling someone that "misfortunes are sent to test their fortitude, and may often reveal themselves as blessings in disguise"?

If so, this just may be the place for you. Welcome to Pride and Prejudice Anonymous. We're a simple little community, united by our common love and appreciation of a wonderful film and book. Here are the rules, plain and simple:

1. Be nice! Mean comments of any sort will not be tolerated. So respect people's opinions, even if they think that Lydia is a wonderful and kind person. (Although you are allowed to disagree with them!)

2. Stay on topic. While we welcome comments on other Jane Austen books and adaptations (such as Sense and Sensibility, Emma, etc.) we are mostly a P and P community. So feel free to spill your love for other books if you must, but remember that P and P is our subject of choice.

Questions? Contact texas413 or queentut88 for more info.