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Hello all. 

First I would like to introduce myself, I am 14, 15 in 9 days btut absoulutley adore Mr Darcy and Pride and the Prejudice. In dedication to me reading the wonderful literature by Ms Austen I have made some Icons from the new Mr Darcy and some of Lizzie. They are not as perfect as some others I have seen on this community but I enjoyed making them and I have a certain attachment to them, 

But first I shall lay down the laws. 

1) Credit if used is a must. I take it as a very high compliment. 
2) No hotlinking, no-one likes anyone doing it to them and I don't either so just really don't. 
3) No altering my icons in anyway what-so-ever or quite plainly I shall hunt you down... 
4) Comment if you take!

Teaser -

Well... Not great but they are here! Tell me if you take! 

1:  2:  3:  4:  5: 6: 7:
8: 9: 10: 11: 12:  13:
14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 

Okay commenting if you take is a must, so is crediting me, vanillacocktail. No Hotlinking!!!! 

Enjoy your Easter Sunday!!! 
Love Katie xoox
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